Saturday, May 31, 2014

Our exciting announcement

This pic debuted on my Facebook page a few weeks ago.

Yep! We're expecting our own little baby to dress from head to toe in crochet and other craftiness.

He's coming in early October.  He'll be in good company:
-both sisters are expecting (due June and July 2014)
-my sister in law is expecting (due November 2014)
-I have 3 coworkers expecting (all due August 2014)
-our neighbour friends just had a baby this week
-just heard via email that long-distance friends of ours have another baby on the way (November 2014)

Boom, baby boom, eh?

I wonder how many baby crafts I can make between now and then.  Hmm?

p.s. The pattern for the baby booties is "Easy Booties" from the Lion Brand website.  It's a free pattern if you register for a free account.  I used Bernat Mosiac yarn and a G hook (the pattern recommends a much larger size) to work up this funky mismatched pair in about 2 hours.  One ball would probably make 3 itty bitty pairs like this.

Look What I'm Making Now!

Here's my latest work in progress. It's report card time, so I needed something repetitive and mindless to get my hands busy when my brain starts to slow down. Nothing like a few rows of crochet to make you feel like:
(a) you're accomplishing something and
(b) there's a steady rhythm to life

Both if these are great feelings when report cards begin to feel like a never-ending job that's taking way longer than you thought it should!  (Side note:  It always takes longer than I think it should.  About twice as long, in fact.  But there is comfort in the fact that I won't be writing these again for a while.)

This is a return to an old pattern. It's not my pattern, but you can find it online for free. You can also check out my previous adventures with this pattern from June 2013 and December 2012 in my blog archives. And, hey, if you're lucky, you can come back and view the finished product on my blog in a couple of weeks...or maybe less. Crochet progress is typically inversely proportional to progress with everything else in life.

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