Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thrifting Inspires Crafting

It was 50% off all tops at Talize yesterday, so I hit up the Kitchener store!

I got some school clothes for my nephew. ($9.50 for all)

...some sweaters for my husband ($21.50 total...all are like new...one even still had tags).  Now I'll need to think of something more original to buy him for Christmas, because usually he gets sweaters. ;)

Here's where the crafting part starts!  This pieced quilted pillowcase was $1.99.  I have plans to turn it into 2 pillows.

Also $1.99 was one metre of this kewpie doll fabric with some kind of English-Japanese (?) hybrid text on it.  Big plants for it too...thinking little bags for baby things...should make a great shower gift.

No need to turn it into tote bags, however, because I found a few of those too! New and handmade.

All of this stuff is in the washer right now, getting ready for a craft party (of one) tonight!

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