Thursday, August 28, 2014

Classic Baby Blanket - Order yours today!

I had a lot of fun making this project!  First, it was a custom order -- always good to know it's exactly what the recipient wants!  Second, it was fun to make a baby girl blanket in the midst of this baby boy boom we're currently experiencing.

I used a classic pattern to go with this classic colour.  It's called the Candy Stripe Baby Blanket.  (If you follow the link, you'll see why. The pattern maker elected to use a variety of colours.)

Working with one colour and a repeating stitch is very meditative.  I'd happily make another of these if I had a request.  I'm pricing it at $40 for a solid colour and $45 for two colours (either stripes OR a solid colour blanket with another colour for the border).

Rather than post the custom order info on Etsy, I'm simplifying by making it part of my blog.  Click the picture below--or the Custom Orders link in the right-hand menu of this blog--to head to this new blog area.

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