Thursday, February 17, 2011

Have A Ball

It's called a pomander. The day of my wedding, I heard it called a pinata, a purse, a pompom, and a Christmas decoration. I had a lot of fun making it and I'm so grateful to my florist friend for insisting that I finish it and carry it down the aisle when the jobs were piling up and the days to go before the wedding were slipping away.

I really wish I had photographed the process step-by-step, but here's the gist of how I put it together.

To Make The Flowers:
1. Cut three circles from felt: one small, one medium, one large. (I used a felted sweater. One ladies size small long-sleeved turtleneck had enough fabric even after shrunken down to complete this.)
2. Stack the circles on top of each other and attach a piece of jewelery to the middle. Use a bit of hot glue if it's an earring. For clip-on earrings and scarf clips, snip a small hole through the centre of each piece of felt and slide the back of the clip through.

To Make The Ball:
1. Wrap a 1.5" wide strip of ribbon around a 6" styrofoam ball. Use straight pins and hot glue to secure the ribbon. Lotsa pins. Lotsa glue. Nobody sees this part. Leave a loop of ribbon for the handle.
2. Starting directly on top of the ribbon, attach flowers to the ball, using straight pins and glue. (Put a bit of glue under the flower. Spear the flower securely to the ball with pins. Pin them through the first and second layers of the flower so the top layer of felt conceals them. Put an extra little bit of glue on top of the pin head to keep it from pulling out.)
3. Work in a straight line around the "prime meridian" of the ball. Then, work in smaller circles on each side until the sphere is covered in flowers and the styrofoam isn't peeking out anywhere. I glued and pinned on a few small scraps of extra felt where the styrofoam was peeking through in random places.

It's probably not all that clear, but the gist is there. Ask questions if you need to!
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