Sunday, March 20, 2016

Gallery Wall

One of my March Break projects was to turn these...

...into something a little prettier.

These photo ledges were a garage sale find.  I think we paid $12 for all 5 of them.  They looked like unfinished wood, but when I tried to spray paint them last fall, this happened:

Where the paint didn't bubble and lift, it peeled. Major disappointment.  We chucked them into the garage and forgot about them for the winter.

I was still really stuck on the idea of photo ledges for a repositionsable photo gallery, though.  So on Saturday, Dan hauled the ledges out of exile. I bought a few bottles of acrylic paint and some inexpensive brushes from Michaels and tried some sparse dry brushing.

I liked the wood-grainy, weathered look I got, so I kept going....

...and 15 minutes later they looked like this!

Then I used painter's tape to plot out their approximate placements on the family room wall...

...and Dan helped to mount them.

It was pretty dark by this point, but we collected all of our black photo frames from various places in the house (and some empty ones from the basement) and got a pretty good feel for how the easily-changeable gallery wall is going to work!

I'm very pleased with how this turned out. :). And the price tag is nice, too:

Shelves - $12
Spray paint - $6
Acrylic Paint - $1.19
Paint brushes -$4.19

Monday, March 14, 2016

March Break Goals

March Break is here!  Here are my plans and ambitions in photo form.

1.  Finish reading/re-read these:

2.  Work on this:

3.  Finish this:

4.  Turn this catch-all back into the crafting/yoga haven I had originally envisioned:

5. Deal with this:
Once upon a time it was an office.  Don't let the panoramic photo deceive you.  It's about 70 square feel and I'm planning to remove about 70% of its contents.

Also 6: finish the gallery wall in our family room that I started in the fall.  No photo, but just imagine a big grey wall and you've got the before shot.

Time to begin!

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