Thursday, August 28, 2014

Classic Baby Blanket - Order yours today!

I had a lot of fun making this project!  First, it was a custom order -- always good to know it's exactly what the recipient wants!  Second, it was fun to make a baby girl blanket in the midst of this baby boy boom we're currently experiencing.

I used a classic pattern to go with this classic colour.  It's called the Candy Stripe Baby Blanket.  (If you follow the link, you'll see why. The pattern maker elected to use a variety of colours.)

Working with one colour and a repeating stitch is very meditative.  I'd happily make another of these if I had a request.  I'm pricing it at $40 for a solid colour and $45 for two colours (either stripes OR a solid colour blanket with another colour for the border).

Rather than post the custom order info on Etsy, I'm simplifying by making it part of my blog.  Click the picture below--or the Custom Orders link in the right-hand menu of this blog--to head to this new blog area.

Stitchcation Completed!

I just submitted a photo of my finished Stitch Cation afghan to the Crochet Crowd.  Here's what the final product looks like:

The colours are crrrazy, but it matches our IKEA couch.

The rules for the stitch-cation were:
-at least 8 colours
-at least 2 of each specified block (minimum of 20 blocks)
-a border of my choice with at least 4 rounds

Notes on the Border:
My border is made up of the following:
1.  1 round of sc in navy blue
2.  2 rounds of sc in back loop only in navy blue
3.  1 round of *cluster (3hdcs), skip one sc space, repeat from * in turquoise
4.  1 round of sc in skipped space and ch1 over cluster stitch in navy blue
5.  reverse direction, and complete final round in 1dc in each sc and sl in each ch 1 space

I learned a few new stitches and combined some colours that I probably would not have put together otherwise!  My favourite square is the brown, light blue and dark blue one.  Which one is your favourite? 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Free Ruffly Flower Headband Pattern

This is my 150th post on this blog!  Wow.  Since I started keeping track of all most of my crafty fun in February 2011, it seems that my love of making things has grown.  I'm sure my blog has fed my passion and my passion has fed my blog.  Plus it's totally cool to look back and see what I've learned to do with yarn and other crafty bits in the past few years.

I digress.

A 150th anything calls for a celebration!  So I'm sharing a free (and easy) pattern with you.

Ruffly Flower Baby Headband

You will need:
- a small amount of worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart Soft)
- a small amount of Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarn
- an H hook
- a nickel-sized button that matches your worsted weight yarn
- a sewing needle and thread that matches your worsted weight yarn

To Make The Headband:
1.  Using your worsted weight yarn, make a row of chain stitches long enough to wrap around the circumference of baby's head.  Then add three extra chains to your row.
2.  Skip the first three chains in your row, and then make one double crochet stitch in each chain stitch across.
3.  Fasten off and work in the ends.
4.  Use the needle and thread to securely stitch your button near one end of the headband.

The gaps between the double crochet stitches work as button holes, so that the headband is completely adjustable.

To Make The Flower Base:
1.  Begin with your worsted weight yarn.  Make a magic ring, chain 2, and work 9 half-double crochet stitches into your loop.  Join with a slip stitch at the top of your first half-double crochet stitch to make a circle.  Pull the magic loop closed.
2.  Round 2: Chain 2. 2 half-double crochets in the joining stitch and in each remaining stitch around.  (18 hdc.)  Join with a slip stitch at the top of your first half-double crochet stitch to complete the round.
3.  Round 3: Chain 2.  2 half-double crochets in the joining stitch, one half-double crochet in the next stitch.  Continue the pattern of 2 hdc, 1 hdc around the circle for a total of 27 hdc.  Join with a slip stitch at the top of your first half-double crochet stitch to complete the round.
4.  Round 4: Chain 1.  2sc in in joining stitch, one sc in each of the next two stitches.  Continue the pattern of 2sc, sc, sc around the circle for a total of 36 sc.  Join with a slip stitch at the top of your first sc stitch to complete the round.  Fasten off your yarn.  Don't work in the ends just yet.  Leave them for attaching the finished flower to the band.

To Make The Ruffly Flower:
Pause here for a minute and check out the helpful video tutorial ("How To Apply Sashay Yarn To Projects") from The Crochet Crowd on working with Sashay yarn.

(Start at 9:41 to get the idea for working in circles and an understanding of why you must start from the outside of the circle.)

1. Affix the sashay yarn to the backside outer edge of your flower base.
2. Working in a spiral, join the sashay yarn with slip stitches to your flower base.  I slip-stitched in every 3rd loop of the sashay mesh to get a nice, poufy flower.
3.  After you have slip stitched into the centre of your flower base, fasten off and affix the yarn to the back side of your flower base.

1.  Use a yarn/darning needle and the loose ends of your flower base to firmly stitch the flower onto the headband.
2.  Use the regular needle and thread to firmly stitch the button to one end of the headband.  (See picture.)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Dreamt it, did it! (A "deer" little project.)

It's pretty satisfying: I am getting to the point with crochet where I can imagine something and then work it up.  It rarely works out the first time, but when I finally get it right, all the ripped out stitches don't matter!

Here is a gift from my nephew Mason's shower, earlier this summer.  (I should add that his dad is an avid hunter.)

A deer antler ear flap hat!!!

I made this in sportweight acrylic yarn.  I was going to stuff the antlers, but the crochet was tight enough that they just stood up on their own.

No pattern for this one (yet).  But if I have occasion to make another, I will definitely write down the steps this time. ;)

He loves it!

No such thing as too much ruffles?!?

All the way back in May, I posted a Facebook link to Baby's First Gown from The Crochet Crowd and offered to make it for the first responder.  My darling Kimiko was quickest on the draw and chose the colours and sizes for her darling, Willow Mei.

It took me until summer holidays to get started on this project, but once I did, it was hard to put down!  The pattern calls for RedHeart mini sashay, but we took it to the next level with RedHeart regular Sashay yarn (bigger ruffles and more colour options).

First, you crochet a full dress from the top down.  Then, you add on the ruffles, working from the bottom up in a corkscrew pattern.

Watching this project come together was like watching some kind of science experiment grow...

...and grow...until it overflowed the project bowl!

Here is the finished project.  I didn't track time, but I'm guessing it took me between 12 and 15 hours to put this sweet little dress together.

The best part?  It's soft.  And squishy.  Willow Mei is going to be extra huggable in this thing!

Finishing detail: a sparkly black button on the back!
I will need a bit of a rest from this pattern, before I try making it again, but I am willing to do custom orders on this one.  It requires $25.00-$30.00 of yarn.  Based on the time and technique it took to put this one together, this one comes with a $70.00 price tag.  (And sorry: it's for kids only! It's available in sizes 6 months to 2 years.)

Stay tuned....
...for a freebie pattern to make a matching flower headband!

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