Saturday, January 11, 2014

A day of crochet

Okay, so this is an old post.  And it's kind of unfinished.  But I'm going to post it anyway.... So there. ;)  From skeins of yarn to a blanket in about 7.5 hours. :)

Today is a crochet day. (Technically, it's crochet and laundry, but nobody wants to see pictures if the latter!)

6:49 a.m: Up and awake, despite my best efforts to sleep in! Curled up on the couch to work on a bright purple baby blanket and catch up on "The Next Chapter" podcasts.

Blanket is 11 rows long at this point.

7:40 a.m: My first Russian join. Looks messy. Let's see if it holds up!

9:30 a.m: Third skein of yarn and second Russian join. (The first one was rough. The second was a lot easier!)

11:20 a.m: Blanket is now a square. Added one round of sc as a border to give the blanket some shape. Now to think about a fun border...and sort laundry as I do so.

1:15 p.m: Picot border added in black. Ends worked in. Finished!

How many stitches are in this thing? 36 ch and 67 dc in each row, plus a ch 101 to start.

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