Monday, June 3, 2013

Stratford's Goodwill Community Store - Kitchener Area Thrift & Vintage (Part 2)

When we want a change of pace, we go to Stratford.  Goodwill runs a great thrift store that's easy to access--right on Ontario Street, across from the mall.

Goodwill is the best place to find board games--specifically, all kinds of Trivial Pursuit editions--for my collection.  I've even purchased a few games still in the box with the cellophane on for less than 5 bucks.

On this visit, we were looking for bedside tables.  This store does not have a lot of furniture, but it does have a lot of everything else!  Here's what we found on our most recent visit to Stratford's Goodwill Community Store:

1.  "Tribal" necklace - $4.00
2.  Orange double-strand necklace - $4.00
3.  Three ornamental elephants - $1.00 each
4.  The Birdcage DVD - $4.00 (Dan's pick.  We watched it that night.  Pretty good!)

I love the creamsicle colour of this necklace.  And the old-school clasp works beautifully.  The clasp says "Western Germany" on the back.  Can't say I have many things in my house that were made in Western Germany!

When I picked out these three little elephants, I thought they were all scratched up.  I planned to spraypaint them turquoise.  Once I got them home and washed them with dish soap,  I realized the "scratches" were just sticky stuff from price tags.  It came right off and they look as good as new.  While I decide whether to spraypaint them or not, they can wait happily on our bookshelf.

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