Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's Next?

I did some cleaning in my office this weekend and was surprised to find that a number of craft items have ended up mixed in with my office supplies! (I was also shocked to learn I have 4 rolls of double-sided tape in the drawer. I NEED TO STOP BUYING DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE!)

Despite the fact that I have several unfinished projects on the go, craft supplies travelling through my hands were all the inspiration I needed to start dreaming of new projects. That, combined with the regular emails I receive from Lion Brand and marthastewart.com has left me making lists of things to make! Good thing summer is coming soon....

Here's two great baby afghans from Lion Brand that would use up some yarn:
- "Crochet Landscape Throw" (apparently the link is down. I'll have to post this one later...)

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