Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crafter's Christmas Wish List

'Tis the season!  Here are 10 crafty items I have my eye on....

1.  A nostepinne.  A classic, no frills, no fuss yarnwinder.  I like this purple one I found on etsy, made by ScottsMountainCrafts.

2.  A crochet stitch dictionary/encyclopedia.  This one has been in my amazon cart for a few months now:

3.  Clear storage totes to help organize my crafting space.  (Small ones for individual projects would be so very great!)
4.  An ergonomic crochet hook or two (just to give them a try).
5.  A renewed subscription to Crochet Today.

6.  Thread.  Yeah, it's kinda lame, but my stock is limited and it's nice to have on hand when the sewing mood strikes.

7.  A Cricut machine.  Oh, the fun I could have with one of these!
8.  And of course, to go with the Cricut, a big fat pile of cardstock in all the colours of the rainbow.  (Drooling, now.  Just a bit.)
9.  Ink pads.  Big ones.  In black and purple and a charcoal grey.

10.  Gift cards!  Because half the fun is in the shopping. ;)


  1. i got some sweet clear 'shoeboxes' from can tire... they had them on special at can tire. might wanna watch the flyer? there was a 5 pack for like $10 i think? the whole top shelf of my sewing pantry is 9 clear bins with one project each!
    (they are these ones - not too pricey individually either - also come in 9L versions

    also - buy the good thread - i have heard from more than one place that it really makes a difference in your machine (unless you are just doing things by hand) :)

  2. Thanks, Tips! :)
    If my childhood memory serves me well, Santa does shop at Canadian Tire!

    YES to good thread. I like Guitermann. ;)

  3. Cricut is NOT the way to go! Check this out - cheaper and WAY more customization and craft possibilities. I LOVE mine!


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