Monday, December 19, 2011

Progress Report

This just in: cute baby fits in cute hat.  This is the beanie I blogged about earlier.  (But seriously, how cute is he?)  Apparently he doesn't have a name yet...but he does have a hat--with room to grow in it--so I'd say he's doing just fine. ;)  Congrats again, Lynne and Josh (and big sister Ivy)!
This is, of course, motivation to make more cute little things.  I just love it when others love the stuff I make for them!

Now....I'm making progress on the scarves. :)  There weren't as many hours of daylight in our road trip as I had planned (darn you, Winter Solstice!), but I did manage to finish one scarf and get halfway done another.

I'm looking forward to a little couch time tonight to work on the scarf.  We're watching the final season of Big Love and it's SO GOOD that we just might finish it off tonight. :)

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