Thursday, November 14, 2013

WIP day late!

Why finish one project when I could start another? While working through my last workplace training video tonight, I'm also working on a granny stripe scrap-ghan. It's gobbling up all my leftovers of everything in the white, brown and grey families.

I started this on the weekend when Dan and I began our Madmen binge. I can get almost through two stripes in one episode, so that gives a pretty good idea of how many episodes we've already watched!


  1. Ha! The Madmen afghan. I have mad a few projects from a show marathon. I'm planning a trip to the library to pick out a favorite series for Thanksgiving weekend. I have some serious projects planned. Love the colors you picked.

  2. Thanks! There are a surprising number of crocheted afghans in the background in Madmen. Everything retro is new again! Good luck with your weekend projects!


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