Sunday, July 31, 2011

iPad Cover - My first blogged pattern! ;)

Lucky girl that I am, I got an iPad for my birthday this spring. I had to wait patiently for two weeks for my neat little toy to arrive, so when I realized that it would take another two weeks to order a case, I decided to make one myself. This is a first attempt, but it was a pretty good first attempt and has proven quite functional. It provides a decent amount of padding, without being bulky, and it's machine washable! Here is the pattern--my first written-out pattern ever!

- 2 or 3 50g balls of worsted weight cotton yarn
- size H crochet hook
- 1 metre of elastic (about 0.75cm wide)


Foundation Row: ch 38

Row 1: 1hdc in 3rd chain from hook; 1 hdc in each ch across.

Row 2: (ch 2, turn, counts as 1st hdc) 1 hdc in each hdc across

Row 3: (ch 1, turn, counts as 1st sc) 1 sc in each hdc across

Row 4: (ch 2, turn, counts as 1st hdc) 1 hdc in each sc across)

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until you have a rectangle big enough to wrap around your iPad completely, plus about 15 cm extra. This took 50 sets of rows 3 and 4 for me, but might vary depending on the brand of yarn and tightness of your crochet. Use your iPad as a guide.

Row 105 (or so): Ch 2, turn, counts as 1st hdc. 1hdc in each sc across.

Row 106: This is the row where you make the funky peekaboo spots for the elastic to slip through. (You probably could just continue with scs and hdcs in rows if you wanted...the elastic would likely thread through anyway. I didn't think of that at the time.) Ch 2, counts as 1st hdc. 1hdc in next hdc. *Ch 1. Skip 1 hdc space. 1 hdc in each of the next 3 hdc spaces. Repeat from * across.

Row 107:
same as 105

Row 108: same as 106

Row 109: ch 1, turn. 1sc in each hdc or ch1 space across

Row 110: A row of shells to make a scallopy edge! Ch 1, 1 sc in next hdc. * Skip 2 hdc spaces. 5 dc in next hdc space. skip 2 spaces. 1sc in next hdc space. Shell made. Rep from * across. This should allow six shells to fit in perflectly.


Fold your rectangle like an envelope. The straight edge will be on the inside. The funky shelled edge is the flap. 1 sc around ALL the edges, including the bottom fold of the pouch. (This help it keep its shape.) Hold the edges of the inner part of the envelope together while you do your scs around the edge and sc them together to "sew" this portion of the flap closed.

Cut your 1m of elastic into two 50cm lengths. Thread each through one of the eyelet holes and stitch each one closed so it makes a loop. (Depending on the stretchiness of the elastic, you may need a little more or less than I did.

Done! :)

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