Friday, July 29, 2011

My New Hat - Fun With The Puff Stitch

Ready for fall! I've been working on hats for baby gifts (pictures to come) and I started getting jealous of all the fun hats these little people were going to have. This was yarn I bought to make an afghan earlier this year, but once I got it home I realized it didn't match the colours I had purchased already. Ah, well; it looks better in hat form, anyway!

This was my first experience with a puff stitch and I think it's my new favourite!

The yarn is Bernat Satin in "Teal." The pattern is from Vicki Howell's blog.

The Custom Details:
I love a pattern that's simple enough to make alterations to because, let's face it, I have a giant head. I made a 24" band instead of a 21" band. (Three inches! No wonder store-bought toques are headache-inducing.) This meant I started with 84sc instead of the 72 recommended for the regular size. (Simple math: add 4sc for every inch you add to the band, or take away 4sc if you wanted to make it an inch smaller.) Likewise, I kept crocheting until the hat was about 12.5" in length, instead of the specified 11" to account for the extra space my large noggin would occupy.

Cost: About $6.00 worth of yarn and 6 hours worth of time. (Did I mention I watched TWO movies yesterday? Did I mention that I love summer vacation?)

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