Saturday, March 31, 2012

Three Skeins of Yarn: The Final Chapter

Guess what?  There's still snow in Red Lake, so these hats may be coming in handy.  (Actually, there's still snow, here, but just little patches on the lawn and dustings on the roof....and I'm willing it to go away!  Here are photos of some of the hats sent to big sister Ivy that I blogged about earlier.  The last time I saw Ivy she was looking pretty hip in her high chair in a red and black lumberjack jacket.  That was about 1.5 years ago, so:
1. time flies and
2.  she sure has grown up a lot!

The earflap hat was a little big, as I had suspected, but it fits her momma.

This one's her favourite.  It DOES look pretty cute!
My motivation for crocheting has dwindled a bit with the arrival of warmer weather.  Speaking of arrivals, though, we've got several friends and family members with babies on the way, so I'm now off to Pinterest to find some good ideas for crafty shower gifts...

(I love Saturday mornings!)

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