Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's the Little Things...

Remember when you were in elementary school and wished you could invite your whole class to your birthday?  Yep, that's the real reason I became a teacher.  I threw myself a "birthday party" today at recess: everybody got a cupcake and nobody got turned away.

Love this gadget for scooping same-size cupcakes.  It was a hand-me-down, and I'm not sure if it's an icecream scoop, but it's awesome!
I made chocolate and rainbow chip cuppies with fudge frosting, purple frosting, and sprinkles sprinkled everywhere!  Cake decorating isn't my craft (although I'm pretty good at cake eating), and I'm definitely not above baking from a box.  These are just your basic cupcakes, but I think they look rather pretty in their simplest form.

Maybe one day making army-sized batches of cupcakes will get old.  Maybe one day I'll be rolling my eyes at the batches of cupcakes I'm baking for someday school events for my someday kids, but for now (and the past four years--hah!--it's tradition) I'm loving it.  A few minutes with the mixer is worth it.  And you only turn 30 once.  Three decades, baby!

My students made my day extra special.  There were several homemade cards (aren't those just the best?), and a few even suprised me with flowers and jewelry!  Technically my birthday's tomorrow...but that's a PD Day...and I'm not above celebrating for a few days! :)

Apparently yellow roses symbolize admiration. (Aw!)

Garden flowers in an improvised vase.  (They smelled so good!)

Beads from Zimbabwe.


  1. How sweet! I am also a cake eater, not a decorator. I hope baking all those cupcakes never gets old and continues to be fun!


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