Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eight Dollars Well Spent

I went to the thrift store with my mom today.  I found mom a $20 Michael Kors lime green trench coat...and I found all of these treasures for me:

Clockwise, starting at 12:00, we've got:  4 polka-dotted bowls that match our mix-and-match IKEA dishes (50 cents each), one "Canadian Pacific Hotels" suit hanger (50 cents), a creamer (25 cents), a Crown mason jar (25 cents), a coral-y pink doily (50 cents), and a lamp base with a wrought-iron look (4 dollars).

 Here's the lamp base on its own.  I love those lines!

And here's the best part: the creamer matches the print on this sweet little bowl I found at a different thrift store a year ago.  We intended to go buy fabric (I'm going to attempt to make a dress!), but I couldn't find any fabric I liked.  Ah, well: after finding all this stuff, it didn't really matter!


  1. love the serendipity of thrifting! and love those dishes. i have such mismatched ones... someday i think i should pick a theme and stick with it. or go to ikea in winnipeg once it opens and buy a nice set... i have trouble getting rid of the old though. (i made up a new term for that at dinner tonight: i hoard onto things! hah.)

    anyway. love the doily, do you have plans for it? i ordered some off etsy, one big white one to sew onto a solid-coloured pillow (which i have yet to do), and a bunch of small multi-coloured ones to do the same with... in an attempt to help my dark grey couch somehow tie in with my crazy multi-coloured klippan. i think the doilies match the pattern a little bit! i just haven't figured out how to sew on a doily... think i might need some spray starch first or something.

    1. Hey! Yep, I do have plans for it. ;) There pretty close to what you're going to do, but I think I want to put it onto a patterned pillow. I almost bought a turquoise pillow case with wild purple flowers on it, but I wasn't sure if it was too, too bright or what. ;)

      Spray starch--yes. Maybe some spray adhesive? Just something to help it stick to the fabric and then tack it on. I guess it will be a one-shot deal. ;) Here's hoping it works!

  2. I love that you found the creamer that matched your bowl! Serendipity!

  3. Great finds! How lucky you are that you have found four bowls! I would love to refresh my kitchen with a new set.
    Wish you a happy weekend,


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