Monday, June 11, 2012

Sweet Little Dress

Hello, blogland!  I have made it through yet another round of report cards and I'm still smiling.  Of course, I'm completely exhausted and most of tonight's after-school activities have involved sitting on the couch and tinkering around on my laptop.  I've been pinning up a storm over on Pinterest, and while most of my pins revolve around Classroom Management and Organization ideas for next year, I've also found a lot of fun crafty ideas, including some goodies for my DIY Jewelry and For The Home boards. 

I've got a few crafts ready to blog, but I had finished photos of this one, so here it is!  My niece's first birthday was this weekend.  Here's part of her gift: a pink pinafore, crocheted in Bernat's Cottontots.  The pattern is called "Sunshine Baby Dress," from crochet genius Linda Permann and it's from the May-June 2010 issue of Crochet Today.  Since the pattern was written for a different kind of yarn, I swapped the recommended J hook for an H hook to make the pattern work.

I had a little fun playing around with Keynote and creating some funky photo displays (so simple).  Unfortunately, I took the photos on a very cloudy Saturday morning, so there's a few different shades of pink on display.

I like the lacy elements along the neckline...and also that this dress is worked in one continuous piece from the top down.  I'm also hoping that this can be a piece of clothing that goes from being a dress to a hippie top.  (The armholes are nice and big.)  I also think this thing feels super-comfy: it's 100% cotton and seamless!

Here's hoping it fits the birthday girl. ;)

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  1. love this! super cute and for sure it will grow with her... i've done that with some of ivy's dresses if they were wide enough. heck she is even wearing shorts that she wore 2 summers ago, it's amazing how skinny they are when the diapers are gone! anyway... so cute!


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