Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pumpkin Hat - Visual Step-by-Step

Two years ago I had some fun making a pumpkin hat for my niece, a colleague's new baby and a few other fun people I know.  I'm back at it this fall because I have a 10-month-old nephew who needs a pumpkin hat of his own...and because they're just so fun to make.

I basically follow a really great pattern I found for free online, just adding more chains at the beginning and additional rows of hdc to "grow" the pumpkin to the size I need.  The thing that I love about this pattern is its simplicity.  It's hard to get an idea from the pattern of exactly how this hat comes together, so here is each step in picture form to show you just how brilliant the design really is.  (I kept returning to this hat over the course of the day last Saturday.  Notice the shift in daylight from picture to picture?)

1.  Create a ribbed rectangle by crocheting rows of hdc in the back loop only.  Fasten off.

2.  Whip stitch the rectangle together to create a cylinder.

3.  Add a row of evenly-spaced sc's around one end of the cylinder.

4.  Once one row has been completed, continue to sc2tog around and around until you have just 5-6 sc's remaining.  Then sc for a few rounds to make the stem.

5.  Create a little sprig.  Fasten it on.  Work in/hide the ends.  Flip the brim.  DONE!
I have 3 skeins of orange yarn in my stash.  I'd like to use them up.  I think I can make a dozen hats.
I'm hoping to sell them in my etsy store and use the money towards some things for my classroom.

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