Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hello, Summer of Us!

It's the first day of summer holidays, the first day when I can sleep in, so of course I woke up wide awake at 6:00am! We're heading up to Dan's old family cottage this weekend for some nostalgic R&R with cousins and Dan's brother's family. So really, I should be packing and getting us closer to our goal of leaving by 8:30am. However, Dan's sleeping in the attic (no, I didn't kick him out, my Snoogle and I just hogged the bed last night).

I could pack my bag for the weekend...but it's in the attic! I could wrangle together a collection of yarn for the trip, but it's up there, too. I suppose I could pack the cooler...but that seems like a last-minute job and sitting on the couch writing this blog and feeling my little clownfish swim around inside me is much more appealing.

Summer vacation has officially begun. Report cards are over. I do have a few more hours of classroom organization to do, but that can wait until after the weekend. I have decided to start my mat leave at the beginning of September, so I won't be going back to work this fall. My due date is not until the beginning of October, so I have three months to slowly but surely get our new house in order...and time, of course to make lots of crafty things.

My report card distraction blanket didn't get very far, a sign that I was focused on work more than play. Here's what it looks like now:
More of a short scarf than a blanket at this point.

I also have a rainbow granny stripe blanket started, using scraps of mostly Bernat Satin Sport from a giant tote...but I can't decide if I want to keep going with that, or if I want to frog it and turn it into triangle bunting for our yet-to-be-established nursery.

This crochet granny triangle pattern is a great way to use up scraps and have some fun with colour play. Plus we've decided to keep the nursery it's plain boring taupe colour since the house was freshly painted when we bought it a few months back...and any child of mine better have lots of exposure to bright, cheerful colours!  Some bunting, some blankets, maybe a quilt and we'll have it rainbowed-up in no time.

Oops. And there goes my actual alarm clock. Guess I'd better get off the couch and make this prepping for the weekend thing happen.

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