Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Baby Shower Cupcakes

This is my newest nephew, Mason.  

He was born in mid-June and I attended a baby shower in his honour at my sister's house last week.  When I saw these rainbow-coloured facecloths on my sister's registry, I knew exactly what I wanted to gift him...

...onesie/washcloth cupcakes!

Want to see how to make them?  (They're way easier than actual cupcakes, I promise!)

These cupcakes are not a completely original idea.  It's based on something I found on Pinterest.  If you need a fussier tutorial, look it up on Youtube.  You'll find tons of videos on how to make them...some involving glue, pins, etc.  These are way easier...I promise...but the other methods are worth googling.

Today's tutorial will be presided over by Mr. Monk...the cookie jar that sits in our kitchen (and is never full of cookies, but usually full of dark chocolate).

Hey there, Mr. Monk.
 First, you fold the washcloth.

Fold in the sides to meet the middle...

...and then fold it up like a hotdog.  This hides the washcloth seams.

Then just roll the hotdog on up to get the swirly "icing" part that looks something like this.
 Next, you fold the onesie.  I used Carter's brand size 6-month onesies.  They came in 3-packs at Target and were the boldest and most wide-ranging colours I could find.  (Why are most little boy things blue and green?  Other colours are fun too, you know!)

Tuck the sleeves in, then fold both sides of the onesie in to meet in the middle.
 I missed a picture of the next step, but it's similar to the washcloth.  Just fold it one more time like a hotdog.

Then you're ready to start rolling the "cupcake" around the "icing."  Make sure the icing is sticking out the top a little bit.  It makes the top a bit rounded and the bottom a bit narrow, which is how you get that cupcake-y shape.

These little dishes worked way better than the cupcake papers / mini coffee filters I tried.  I bought them at Dollarama.  They're BPA-free so they're usable as baby dishes or bath toys afterwards.  They come in sets of 4 (blue, pink, yellow, green) with 4 matching little spoons.

Plunk the washcloth and onesie into the cup.  Fluff it or play with it a bit if you need to.  They don't always look great on the first try.

Et voila.  You've got yourself a nifty gift.
Worth noting: the wrapping materials cost about $4.00 ($1.00 for the tray; $2.50 for 2 sets of ice-cream bowls; 50 cents for 1/2 roll of cellophane).  It's really no more than the cost of a cutesy gift bag or some paper and a bow...and they're reusable!

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