Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Great Week of Thrift Shopping!

My thrift shopping obsession comes and goes in waves.  This week on Sunday, we had time to waste while waiting for our photo order to be ready at Costco.  Costco was super busy.  There just happens to be a Value Village right across the street.  Perfecto!  I picked up two fall jackets and a blazer for myself, a grab bag of some random lego pieces, and a few other craft items that I'll share later.  But I had time to carefully scour the baby section and found these onesies at $1.49 each.

Carter's is my go-to brand for second-hand onesies.  They always fit and they don't lose their shape in the wash.

I also found this amazing piece of fabric.  Pig race fabric!  It's a Joe Boxer print, so it would have been quite pricey at the fabric store, I'm sure.  I picked it up for $3.99.  I'm not sure what I'm going to make with it yet.  A throw pillow? Some bibs?  Holding on to it for now.

One day at work this week was particularly draining.  I had a huge bag of thrift store donations in my car, so instead of just dropping it off and heading home to be productive, I spent some time unwinding in Goodwill.  Prices have gone up from $1.25 per baby item to $1.75, but that's still an amazing deal (and a great cause).  Check out my finds:

That fair-isle sweater is brand new from H&M and it's going to make for some very cute Christmas photos!  And the vest?  I can hardly take it.  So absolutely darling.  Maybe Orson can wear it for his 1st birthday party tomorrow. :)

Orson has been going through 2-3 changes of clothes per day at daycare, so I'm happy to have cute and comfy clothes that he can wear, play and get messy in without me stressing about "how much I spent on that!?!?"

More thrifties to come.  But for now, back to laundry....

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