Thursday, July 14, 2016

Local thrift shopping at Thrift On Kent in Kitchener

Here's how great $20 worth of thrifting can look.  I find I have the best luck shopping one season ahead.  Yesterday at Thrift on Kent I found these fall wardrobe items:

-2 pairs of jeans
-2 pairs of soft-waist pants
-1 pair of jorts (ok, so these aren't necessarily fall attire, but they're super cute, right?)
-a long-sleeves Henley tee ($1.00)
-a new-with-tags sweater from Baby Gap. ($5.00 - can you just picture the pumpkin patch photos with this on?)
-a pair of PJs with a bonus pair of PJ pants ($1.00 for each piece) and ...

-for me, a houndstooth cardigan in a silk-cotton blend ($5.00)

Also, a few books may have come home with me, too.  All but the top one are for my classroom library:

1 comment:

  1. I'm kind of jealous! You're thrift shops seem to be super amazing!


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