Friday, July 29, 2016

Thrift Haul and Thrifting Tips - Kitchener Value Village

Today's adventure began as a mistake. I thought it was 40% off kidswear today at Value Village.  Turns out it was two days ago.  Oops!  Selection was a bit limited, but the store was nice and quiet.  Orson and I found some great stuff.

Thrift Shop Tip #1: Shop one season ahead.  Selection is better for long-sleeved shirts and long pants right now while everyone is wearing shorts and tees. You'll find some quality items to start building a wardrobe.

Orrie's Fall Wardrobe Finds:

Osh Kosh Joggers: $1.99
Like-new Levi's: $4.49
Like-new H&M navy long-sleeve tee: $1.49
Grey waffle long-sleeve tee (Old Navy): $0.99
Yellow long-sleeved Woodland Tee: $1.99
Old Navy Flannel button-down: $1.99

Thrift Shop Tip #2: Stick to a mix-and-match palette. Because I thrift 90% of Orson's clothes, I try to shop with a few colours in mind.  For fall, I'm buying mostly blue, grey and yellow (and bits of red), because then everything matches.

My Fall Wardrobe Finds:

Navy/Grey/Taupe floral ASOS dress - New with tags - $14.99
Navy/Taupe/Pink floral blouse - $10.99

Thrift Shop Tip #3: Look for items that are worn less frequently.  Pants, shoes, etc. tend to be worn out or at least worn-in (i.e., stretched/softened in weird ways to fit someone else's unique body shape.  (I always skip the pyjamas, activewear, etc. too. Not worth it.)  This doesn't really apply to kidswear, however, since often the stuff is hardly worn.

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