Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beautiful Bamboo

I'm on a roll with stashbusting lately. I had a suitcase full of beautiful Baby Bamboo yarn (24 balls) and I've been using it up rather quickly lately. Based on about 47.3 seconds of high-quality internet research, this appears to be a discontinued line of yarn from Bernat, so the challenge is to use it up without having to head to the store for a little bit more of one colour, or without having a ball or two left over at the end. Seven balls went to this lovely v-stitch baby blanket:

The yarn is 55% acrylic and 45% bamboo viscose, so it works up into this lovely, silky-soft and cool feeling fabric. This seems like a spring and fall-weight yarn to me. Also, the green and white seems 100% gender-neutral. :)

The pattern is a very simple one from I modified the pattern a bit to make it bigger and to precisely use up the 6 balls of green yarn I had. Changing the pattern width is simple: just add more ch stitches to the foundation row in multiples of 3. The picot edging provides a bit of contrast and gives the mesh-y stitches some structure. I would recommend this as a great starting pattern for anyone interested in trying out a crochet project...

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