Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday: Bits of This and That


If you decide to make a patchwork anything, work in your ends as you go. Otherwise, you'll find yourself sitting on the couch and staring at a...thing...that looks like this:

What a cobwebby mess. Nothing a darning needle and a LOT of patience won't fix. Hopefully I'll find some time (and patience) to finish this over the weekend.

There was a rummage sale at the big RC church down the street this morning. For a whopping 85 cents, I got these two doilies...

...and three books, including this one on soap making:

After swearing up and down to my grandmother that my house would never have a doily in it, I've started collecting them. I think I have about a dozen or so stashed away now. They're for a Christmas craft project that I'm sure I'll be starting soon.

As for the soap book...well...that big 5-cent purchase brings me one step closer to my craft fantasy of making my own homemade bars someday. (Maybe next summer....? Can I wait that long?)

The bargains didn't end there, though. On my walk back from the post office, I also scored all of this yarn for only 12.00 at the thrift store:

With tacky names like "Bling Bling," "Cha Cha" and "Fun Fur," I'm sure the appeal is lost on some. But I have plans for this bizarre stuff. Stay tuned...

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