Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Colourful Cozy Comfort For A Corner Of The Classroom

I've decided my classroom needs a few touches of homemade craftiness. My first project was a pillow. I found the pattern on a blog called Attic 24. The pattern is listed as a "Blooming Flower Cushion," and while it looks like a flower on the Attic 24 page, when worked up in one colour, it almost likes like an alien flower or a funky piece of coral or something. Whatever it is, I think it looks super cute on my kid-sized IKEA chair in my Book Nook.

The pattern is pretty cool--working in front loops to create shells and back loops to create plain dc backing.

Finding a round pillow form was NOT EASY. After hunting through Michaels, Len's Mill, Fabricland and Zellers, I finally found a gorgeous one at....Goodwill! It was in excellent shape and better quality than a typical craft store pillow form.

Sooo..... total cost for this project:

$0.00 for the yarn (it was scraps from an afghan I made 2 years ago)
$1.00 for the pillow form

WOW!. Cheapest craft yet. ;)

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