Saturday, September 17, 2011

Loopy Pom-Pom Scarf

Yesterday I was home sick. While crocheting on the couch is a great thing to do when you're feeling under the weather, it didn't take me long to realize that working on a few crocheted gifts that I'm making would be a bad idea. ("Here's a nice gift for your new baby, and some free germs, too.")

Still, crafting is a great distraction, so I had a guilt-free chance to work on something that was just for me! I decided to pull out the single ball of pom-pom yarn I purchased this summer and see if I could turn the scarf I was dreaming up into a reality. (Guess what? It worked!)

It turns out I'm going to need a little bit more than one ball to finish this project, so I'm heading to the store later today to pick up the rest, but here's a quick preview of what I've got so far:

p.s. The picture is crummy because we can't find the battery recharger for our camera. Had to settle for an iPad photo. ;(

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