Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Loving The Little Things

This weekend, we took a little road trip to Kingston and Ottawa. It truly was a whirlwind adventure--less than 24 hours in each city--but so much fun. Just the kind of mini-cation I needed to make summer vacation feel a little more real.

The theme of the weekend seemed to be loving the little things. Here's a quick photo tour to show you what I mean:

Paint test strips on the 401.

Reassurance that I won't catch bubonic plague from the hotel room remote.

Great book (I Capture The Castle) and book title (Lady With a Spear!? what?) on the hotel room shelf.

Accidental detour off the beaten path.

Awesome sink backsplash at The Sunflower Cafe in Perth.  (I don't normally take photos in public bathrooms, but...)

Cute quotes on bath products in our Ottawa hotel room.

Proximity of the watermelon display to the "Expectant Mother" sign.  (Some things just go together!)

A no smoking sign...in the operating room...in the Diefenbunker.  (Smoking everywhere else was okay until the 1980s.  Seriously!  Cigarettes in an underground bunker!  What were people thinking?)

THE MOST AMAZING tuna melt with tons of crunchy veggies at Alice's Village Café in Carp, ON.

Now, on the crafty theme of little things...I'm beginning to realize how much I love granny squares. In 20 minutes, you can have a little piece complete.  (Nevermind that I will need 56 of these little squares to make a blanket.)  It's very satisfying...and not so suffocating in the summer heat as a full-on blanket project.

They're also a great way to use up scraps.  The centre of all of these squares is made from small bits leftover from another project that I haven't quite finished yet.

Here are some finished granny squares.  Aren't they sweet?

Working in ends is definitely not my favourite part.  There are definitely a lot of ends to work in on scrappy projects like this one!

In the battle of "finished" versus "almost finished" squares, it appears that "almost finished" is winning.

Of course, I have several projects in the queue that I should be working on first.  I have some projects I have promised to make for people...but sometimes some beautiful yarn just calls out and says, "Crochet me first!"

Today being a lazy, rainy day, I'm sure there's some more crocheting in the plans...


  1. love that grey! also is it wrong to say i would have stolen I Capture the Castle? i still don't have my own copy.

  2. LOL. Lynne! I told Dan that if I showed you the picture you would want me to steal that book! It's not wrong...but you would have had to replace it with something equally cool.


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