Friday, July 18, 2014

So much cool stuff!

I brought a carload of stuff to the thrift store this week.  Then--of course--I had to go inside and check things out.

Remember those grab bags of candy at the corner store when you were a kid?  Well, I found the thrifty fabric equivalent!  A $2.00 bag of mystery fabric--wrapped in no less than 20 feet of packing tape--was just too hard to resist.  It was packed too tightly to peek inside, but I figured I'd take my chances and spend the twoonie.
Packed to survive a nuclear blast.

This may be my best find yet!  It turned out to be...39 quilt patches in vintage fabric!

Get ready, patches!  I have so many plans for you... 
5 cents a patch.  So great!

Here's the rest of the stuff I bought:
Afghan - $4.00; onesie - $1.00; milk jug - $0.50; brand new baby shoes $3.00...and all those loooovely patches.
Now why would I buy an afghan when I can't seem to stop making them? was gorgeous, it was finished, it was $4.00, and I can leave it on my porch without feeling guilty about it.  (It's acrylic, so it's easy to wash and it's not going to grow mold, either.) more thrift shopping for at least a week!  Time to stay home and get this craft room organized so that I can start making beautiful stuff.

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