Monday, July 21, 2014

Getting It Together

Day 1 of organizing my craft space took place mostly in my head.  I started off with a little bit of math, trying to figure out how many more granny squares I needed to complete my patchwork blanket.  My mind was blown when I realized that a blanket of 7x8 squares (56 total) arranged on diagonals would result in exactly 14 squares of each colour.  Math is beautiful, no?

So I started by cranking out the rest of the centres for each granny square.

I've started to keep an eye out for cute enamel bowls at thrift stores, because I think they'll look great in my finished craft room.  Here's my little square-centre salad...

...which I ended up transferring to a larger bowl so that I could include all the components for this project.

See that other big enamel bowl on the table?  That's another project, all assembled and ready to begin.  But see that green and brown striped square at the front?  That's part of my stitch-cation project.  I found that while I was organizing and had to finish it off before I could organize any further.

Ah.  Satisfaction = a finished patchwork square with all the ends worked in.  Now I could get back to work!

Finally, I collected all of my stitch-cation pieces into a suitcase.  (A suitable place for a "stitch-cation" project, don't you think?)

And then, before getting back to the organization work, I took some time to take pictures of my kitty. This is summer vacation.  She is cute.  How could I not?

At this rate, it's going to take me forever to organize my attic craft space, but at least I'm enjoying every moment of it!


  1. attic craft space?! i swoon! and i know how you feel. i tried to clean out the sewing room but all i found was more projects that i should be finishing!

  2. Attic craft space/TV room. It has a skylight and all you can see out the windows on either end are trees. :) It's kind of the perfect fort. Both Dan and I call it our favourite room in the house. ;)


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