Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back From Vacation - Historical Craft "Snippet"

Back from our whirlwind tour of Nevada, Utah, and Arizona! One of our stops was a spontaneous visit to Cove Fort, an historic Mormon site on the drive between St. George and Salt Lake City. The restored fort is a combination of history preserved and an opportunity to teach tourists about Mormon beliefs. It was all very respectful, even if it was a little bit different from what we're used to. The thing that made me raise my eyebrows the highest, however, had nothing to do with religion.

See the box on the mantle? It's a box for collecting human hair. For crafts. (Waste not, want not!)

And the silhouette on the wall? Yep, that's human hair in action as a craft.

I'm all for green crafting, but I'm not going to go quite that far. ;) I'm off to the Spinrite Tent Sale to get myself some bargain yarn!

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