Friday, August 26, 2011

Just smile, smile, smile.

I'm madly preparing for the beginning of the school year, but I found a few minutes of calm in a 10-minute craft. I couldn't find any notecards I liked to send home as my beginning of the year handwritten notes to parents about their wonderful children, so I picked up some supplies from the bargain bins at Michael's and got to work. All that's involved is a quick stamp on a die-cut card, made special by the tie-dye effect you get from pressing half the stamp into blue ink and half into green. Here are the results:

Something I did not know until I was cleaning up and wanted to do it properly:
-spongy pigment inkpads should be stored upright and tightly sealed
-felt inkpads (traditional inkpads) should be stored upside-down to keep the ink at the inkpad surface.
Now I know.

Cost of the project:
$4.50 for 3 packages of 8 die-cut cards with envelopes
$3.00 for 2 colours of stamp pads
$1.50 for the "smile" stamp
$0.00 for the butterfly stickers - found them in a box of stuff in my office
$9.00, or approximately 38 cents per card

To finish it off, I stamped the envelope as well with a rubber stamp from my collection. :) (Once you start stamping things, it's hard to stop.)

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