Friday, August 19, 2011

Craft du Jour

I've officially found something better than dishcloths to make with crochet cotton. (My sister will be thrilled since I think she gets grossed out just thinking about them.) I'm currently experimenting with bath scrubbies. These little guys are about 10cm in diameter and they look so cute! Can't wait to try them out (and have some others try them out) to see if making a small mountain of these might be a good idea for Christmas.

Just to get the math down:
1. One ball of yarn makes three scrubbies with scraps to spare.
2. I can make one-and-a-bit scrubbies while watching an episode of Big Love.
3. I've made 5 1/2 of these guys today.
4. Guess that means I've watched about 4 Big Love reruns. *gasp* It's just such a good show!

I found the pattern on the Ravelry website, which requires a (free) membership to access it. It's Linda Prindle's "Spiral Scrubbie" pattern. ;)

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