Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Continued Adventures of 3 Skeins of Yarn

Despite the fact that it's still Christmas break, I didn't find much time to craft yesterday.  In fact, I spent most of my day organizing the basement and then started in on the office.  It feels good to organize, but I was suddenly overwhelmed by just how much yarn I have on hand!  We're talking box-after-box-after-box full.  I'm not sure if I'm bragging or complaining. :)

One of the main reasons I love to crochet is because I love the feeling of creating order out of chaos.  A mushy skein of yarn becomes row-upon-row of something beautiful.  I can't deny that I was getting the same kind of rush out of organizing my yarn yesterday!

Anyway, the next year will be filled with stashbusting projects.  By the end of this week, I'm hoping to finish up my existing projects so that I can start making a dent in that stash.

One project I currently have on the go is a personal challenge to see how many child-sized hats I can make from 3 skeins of yarn.  I posted about this earlier this week, but here's an update...

This hat:

became this hat...
Only a little person could get away with wearing something this ridiculous!

I added a shell stitch around the bottom (5dc, ch1, skip 1 sc, sc, ch 1, skip 1...repeat) and this flower to do the top.  (The instructions for the flower are included at the bottom of the post.)

I also started in on this hat, experimenting with growing stripes.  I'm liking the purple on purple. :)

How many hats can a small bundle of yarn create?  Well, I'm at 4.5 and counting.  I guess I'll just keep plugging along and find out!


To Make the Crochet Flower:

Make a ring.  (Either a magic ring or ch 4, and join with sl in first ch.)

1.  Ch 2.  12 dc in the ring. Join with sl to the first dc.
2.  *Ch 2.  dc, hdc in same stitch.  Sl stitch in the next stitch.  Repeat from * 5 more times to make 6 petals.  Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing the flower to the hat.

Today, I'm linking up with the following parties:  someday crafts, Tami's Amis, and Ambassador Crochet.


  1. I know what you mean about the yarn. I organized mine over the weekend and thought WOW TO ME. I had to share it on my blog. You can go take a peek if you like.
    Have fun busting that stash!!

  2. Thanks for posting pictures of your stash. :) Makes me feel just a little bit better! :) How do you store all your stuff?

  3. I'm on a yarn diet this year until I can use up a ton of my stash. I have about 14 clear storage totes of yarn. Yikes! I sort it by weight. I'll be posting free "stash buster" projects to help others use up theirs too. Thanks for sharing on my WIP Wednesday. Can't wait to see how many more hats you get from that yarn!

    I organize

  4. I love the embellishments on the red hat. So cute!

  5. Kristine: Yarn diet! That's my New Year's resolution I think. :)

    NurseNikki: Thank you! :)

  6. I too have many boxes of yarn! It feels good to know I am not alone. For several years now, I have tried to make a resolution to use up my stash and finish all my WIPs before purchasing anything new, but I can never resist all those cute new projects and yummy yarn. Good luck to you!

  7. Very cute. I will guess 6-12 hats, depending on the sizes of the children and the skeins of yarn ;).

  8. Cute hat. I notice with the kids in my area that wearing the crocheted hats seems to be the in thing.

  9. Loving the hats! I'm making a bunch of hate right now to donate and keep searching out new patterns to mix it up a little!


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