Saturday, January 7, 2012

Last Holiday Thriftcraft Hurrah

This is it.  Holidays have come to an end.  Tomorrow will be the mad scramble of preparations before school begins again on Monday.  I couldn't let the day go by without a craft...or two.

It's been a yarn-free weekend.  I found a tutorial for a t-shirt scarf at A Diamond In the Stuff.  (Follow the link for the full explanation.  She does a great job of explaining it.)

I successfully made a green version today, although it's more of a necklace than a scarf.

This was made from a polka dotted t-shirt, so I was disappointed that the fabric curled the other way and only a bit of polka dots popped through.

I'm not over the moon about this one, but I'm going to think about what kind of bling I could add to it and I might save it for Spring.

Cost of the bling-free scarf/necklace: $1.00 for a thrift-store t-shirt.  (Free, if you've got an old or damaged shirt hanging around.)

If you're going to give this craft a whirl, know that the t-shirt fabric must be a jersey knit.  My first attempt was with a cherry pink ribbed knit t-shirt.  While it was a fail, I'm happy to report that I'll be able to turn it into all kinds of funky little rosettes like this one:

Finally, I framed and mounted another piece of sheet music.  It was hard to photograph, thanks to the glare from the glass, but this is going to hang in our bathroom.  I think it's a charming little phrase to have reflected beside my face in the mirror. :)

You can find a quick and simple set of instructions in an earlier blog post.

Cost of this project:  The sheet music was a $1.00 find from an antique mall somewhere near Ithaca, NY.  The frame was a $12.00 special at Michael's.  $13.00 framed decor sounds like a good deal to me!


  1. Love it! great craftiness Lynds. You rock!
    I have been having fun making rosettes myself :)

  2. Nice, Kendra Jeanne! :) Are you glue-gunning or stitching them? Right now I'm just sticking straight pins in them while I play.


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