Thursday, January 5, 2012

Three Skeins: The (Almost) Final Chapter

My three skeins personal challenge is drawing to a close.  This is not because I ran out of yarn, but simply because I ran out of inspiration.  I stopped at 6 hats.  Here they are, in a family portrait:

Finishing It Off With A Big Red Bow

This is the purple striped beanie that was in progress yesterday.

I made a red bow and slipped a hair barrette through it so that the bow can be worn on its own,
or clipped to the hat.  I think it looks cutest right on the front. :)

Fun, Furry, Fabulous

The next hat is not so photogenic.  I don't know if it's the sheen of the yarn, but I can't seem to get a photo that shows the texture and colour properly.

I guess I cheated a bit, since this hat uses yarn that wasn't from the three skeins.  It's some unidentifiable scrap from the thrift store and--wow--was it wild to work with!  I used the lilac yarn as the base and then held together the strands of novelty yarn and lilac worsted to crochet every other row.

There are three dark purple/novelty yarn corkscrews popping out the top.

Ugly Hat

The next hat is the sign that I was finished playing with these three balls of yarn.  I call him Ugly Hat.  In an effort to use up more yarn quickly, I crocheted 2 (and sometimes 3) strands together.  When I flipped up the brim (as in the pic below) and added a corkscrew to the top of this one, Ugly Hat became Less Ugly Hat, but even so...
I dunno.  I kinda feel like I should take this one to the forest and leave it for the underprivileged woodland elves...

More To Come...

I still have two balls of yarn leftover that are the size of small baseballs.  (This means I probably could have ended up with 8 or 9 complete hats.)  Rather than use these for hats, I'm tossing them in the scrap bag, since my next projects will definitely be focused on using up scraps!

There is one more hat that I haven't blogged about yet.  (Look at the 'family photo' above and you'll see something dark and mysterious hovering in the back row.)  If I make it to the craft store this afternoon for the ribbon I need to complete it, then I'll be completely finished with the hats show-and-tell.  But I've still got more projects in the pipeline!

Party On....
Today I'm link partying with: House of Hepworths, Somewhat Simple, and These Peas Taste Funny.  They have so many great shared ideas today that I might never leave my computer!


  1. I love that big red bow on that hat, totally makes it into a 'wow'. Thanks so much for joining our party today!

  2. that furry one is what a fun. love your blog, I am your newest follower :)

  3. is it bad, the ugly hat is my fave! ivy will love whichever is hers i'm sure... any 'present' gives her great joy. love the red bow too!


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