Monday, January 16, 2012

My First Swap

I've signed up for my first swap.  Yep, I'm going all in with this blog thing.  Cheryl at Gone Stitchin' has organized the whole event.  It's kind of the Secret Santa equivalent for Valentine's Day.  I have been given a person to create for and I need to make something that features a heart with her initial.

The neat part about it is that I can read my recipient's blog to find out what kind of crafty stuff she's into.  At the moment I have no ideas about what to make, but I'm hoping creative inspiration strikes soon...


  1. Swaps are fun. I've participated in a bunch on Ravelry and a few through Blogger. Yes, "stalking" a blog does make it easier to figure out what gifts to give your spoilee. Have fun!

  2. "Spoilee" is a good word! :) Thanks.


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