Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January's 'Monthly Make' ....A little late!

I've been itching to blog this week.  My sister-in-law recently joined the blogging world and definitely upped the ante for post content.  This post won't be as eloquent as hers, but at least I'm writing something. ;)

My cats did most of the making in January.  This past week in particular, they discovered a glass vase I had filled with balls of yarn and set out as a decoration.  Apparently, they had their own creative vision for this particular stash.  Here's a quick glimpse into their crafting talents:

Now, picture that yarn strung all around the guest bedroom, upstairs landing, down the stairs, through the office, around the chair and couch in the living room and around the table in the kitchen.  I actually had to take scissors to the spiderweb they created when I came downstairs in the night for a glass of water.  My cats are likely not trying to kill me, but they might be trying to break my legs.

Now that report cards are done, I've had some time on the couch.  I am a Crochet Today! subscriber, but I think I've only ever made one project out of the magazine--and a frogged project at that.  (Don't know about frogging?  Think "rip it, rip it"....or read more about it here.)  I like to look at crafting magazines and daydream, but in an attempt to stashbust and get a monthly make in for January, I opened up an issue from last Spring.  Here's what I made today:

It's a little girl's hat, sized 12-24 months.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it actually fits on someone, since it was pretty easy to whip up and it looks super cute just sitting there.  I want to try a few different colours, but I'm thinking brown and pink would be cute for Valentines Day.

Today, I'm sharing my work at: someday crafts (There's over 600 crafts linked up there!  Check it out!) and tami's amis


  1. Fantastic and well done! I always say I am going to get ahead with my makes but usually finish by the skin of my teeth! lol! Looking forward to next month xx

  2. Your post about the cats not trying to kill you cracked me up! It looks like they had a fine time with your "decoration." Cute hat too!

  3. Great hat! I've tried crochet, and usually end up doing it wrong, maybe I should persevere a bit more!! By the way,glad I'm not the only late 'monthly maker' !! :)


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