Sunday, February 26, 2012

Make: Monogrammed Mittens

Here's another no-yarn craft for all you non-crocheters/knitters out there: embroidered and appliquéd mittens.  It's also a great craft for those who are looking to make something in a short amount of time!

appliqué: a decorative design made of one material sewn over another

You'll need:  a pair of store-bought mittens, some felt (I used some scraps from a felted sweater), embroidery floss, and a teensy bit of fiber fill.

Cut the shape you're going to appliqué from felt.  Embroider the design of your choice on the felt.

I used what I think is called the stem stitch to freehand the lettering, however it might be called the back stitch or the split stitch, or it might simply be a stitch of my own creation, since I can't seem to find anything exactly like it out there in Internet-land.

Use a blanket stitch to attach the appliqué to the mitten.  Right before completing the last few stitches, stuff a small amount of fiberfill under the applique to give it a bit of puff.

These mittens were made for Mel over at Lazy Daisy Crochet for the Valentine's Initial Heart Swap. From Mel's blog, I knew that she already knew how to crochet, so I had to think of something a little different to gift her.

If you're looking to learn more about embroidery (and how simple and economical it is!), there's a great Embroidery 101 crash course at

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  1. Ah, so want to learn how to embroider! Thank you for the link :) Cute mittens, too!

  2. That's way too cute!! I might have to learn how to do that!

  3. It's very simple! Do give it a try. :)


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