Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Sister's Wedding Shower

We hosted little sister's wedding shower on Sunday afternoon.  Unfortunately the lighting wasn't great and only a few photos turned out, but here's some glimpses into the crafty fun of throwing a party.

Making invitations was a party in itself, back in January.  I had fun using my new Cricut.

Purple and silver die cuts and purple ink.  (Can you guess the wedding colours?)

A little jewel and a little humour.  (Since it was in winter, we decided it was a blizzard instead of a shower.)
Gift table decorations.  Since there are few flakes on the ground this February, we added some vintage doilies as snow.  (Can you see the yarn-wrapped J from an earlier post?)

Purple punch.

Powdered donuts get pretty in paper cupcake holders.

Let 'er rip.  Beautiful packaging gets torn to shreds.

I'm looking forward to the next party!  More accurately, I'm looking forward to the next excuse to get crafty with purpose.

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