Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekends are for working IN ends

I worked in a lot of ends this weekend!  Once the crochet portion of the blanket is complete, it looks a little something like this:
Then it's time to take a yarn needle in hand and weave the ends into the crochet fabric so that stitches won't unravel and these unsightly fringe bits are hidden away.  It's a painstaking process, but a beautiful finished project is its own reward.

I have two baby blankets finished and ready to sell.  Here's a preview:

By the end of this month, I'm hoping to have my etsy store up and running.  There are several smaller items ready to make their debut as well.  I'm looking forward to it! :)


  1. These blankets are really lovely, you choosed so beautiful colours!
    Aww, I wish if I would be more insistent to crochet a blanket...

  2. Gorgeous!! That was a LOT of ends to weave in, but the end product is soooo very nice.

  3. Both are amazing! Good luck on your Etsy store :)

  4. You're getting an etsy store? How wonderful! You will have to post the link once it is up. :) Can't wait!


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